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Debt Collection Services

Consider Your Needs

  • Creditors lose thousands of dollars each year to uncollected accounts and debts.
  • Every day that an account remains uncollected you lose money.
  • You need the ability to timely file suit and avoid delays in collecting your accounts.
  • In today’s bankruptcy driven economy, you need representation in Federal Court.
  • Effective skip tracing is necessary to find those who owe you money.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations’ compliance when necessary to your business.

Debt Collection is a Legal Process

  • Out-of-town collection agencies cannot represent you in court.
  • Collection agencies often resort to hiring attorneys to collect debts and accounts.
  • An attorney can immediately access the legal system and pursue your accounts through the courts.
  • In the event a bankruptcy is filed by a debtor, you will need an attorney to represent you in Federal Court.
  • We provide legal assistance to our clients for drafting of contracts and agreements that minimize bad debt and maximize collection efforts.

Why Choose Jenkins & Habenicht?

  • Personal Service — We are available to answer your questions, based on your schedule.
  • Legal Expertise — Your accounts will be collected by attorneys, who can represent you in court, where collection agencies can not.
  • We are Local — Chattanooga is our hometown.  We are more familiar with local businesses’ needs and culture than an out-of-town collection agency.
  • Flexibility — We respect that each business has unique needs.  We tailor our procedures and reports to meet your particular needs.

Contact Jenkins & Habenicht for all of your account and debt collection needs.